What is a holiday dinner without dessert? It’s like going to a wedding that has no wedding cake, not so enjoyable. As much as everyone anticipates the turkey and trimmings, they mentally set aside room for their favorite dessert even if their stomach doesn’t agree! 

Like many of us, I long-ago set aside baking everything from scratch as much as I loved to do so! I joined the long line of exhausted host looking for the easier way out as my guest list continued to grow. But there are some shortcuts not worth taking. Making banana pudding from a box, God forbid!

Thanks to Miss Myra (Rennae Wheat) I never have to go down that road. I never met her in person or visited her establishment but she made me a Banana Pudding superstar! So I’ll pay it forward…

You too can make the best Banana Pudding ever just like me!

Recipe shared by the food critic who interviewed her:


You’re Welcome!!!

I actually was able to find an article about the owner below:



My Version:



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